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MicheLee Puppets empowers lives through the art of puppetry. As Florida’s only educational puppetry organization, MicheLee Puppets has played a major role in the Central Florida community as a creator of art that produces social change.

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Mission STEAMpossible


Program Description

Mission STEAMpossible is designed to connect with children through a compelling story that engages students on an intellectual and emotional level. Puppets and captivating visuals draw students into the world of our main character, Magnificent. Magnificent is a teen inventor, who dreams of becoming an engineer on the first manned mission to Mars. Magnificent’s hilarious robot sidekick, Dinobot,


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Program Detail

Program type: In-School Performance
Artistic Discipline: Storytelling, Theatre
Cultural Origin: Other
Subject: Fine Arts: Theatre, Other, Science
Population Served Grade 2, Grade 3, Grade 4, Grade 5
Bilingual: No
Available dates:

Mission STEAMpossible is available on the following dates:

August 27, 28

September 4, 6, 10, 11, 13, 17, 18, 24, 25, 27

October 1, 2, 4, 8, 9, 11, 15, 16, 18, 22, 23, 25, 29, 30

November 1, 5, 6, 8, 12, 13, 15, 26, 27, 29

December 3, 4, 6, 10, 11, 13, 17, 18, 20

Available times:

Mission STEAMpossible performances are available only in the morning.

The first performance may start as early as 8:00 AM

The second performance is one hour later than the first.

All performances MUST be completed by the first lunch.

Each performance is 45 minutes in length and we need 15 minutes to reset.

Length of :Program 45 minutes
Space / technical requirements:

Thank you in advance for making the following preparations for your program:

1. We arrive 2 hours before the first show to load in and set up. Please assign a contact
person and/or custodian to meet our team so that we can load into your building right
away. It will take 30 minutes to unload the van, and then we will move the van to your designated parking area.

2. Make your cafeteria/auditorium space ready by clearing your stage completely. We have a large set and will use the entire stage area.

3. If you have windows in your cafeteria, please use black craft paper to block outside light. Even if you have blinds on the windows, use the craft paper under the blinds. We are using black light in the show, and the effects won't work unless your room is dark.

4. We want your students to have an extraordinary experience. If possible, we prefer for the kids to be seated on the floor, centered in front of the stage for the best sight lines. If you cannot have the tables moved for the kids to sit on the floor, the second option is to push tables toward the center so that no one is sitting too far to the right or the left of the stage.

5. We appreciate your feedback and ask for 5th grade teachers and students to take a brief survey to help us make this program even better.

6. Our team will need to be directed to the appropriate adult restrooms so that they can change into costumes before the show.


Mission STEAMpossible is available in the following counties:

Brevard, Lake, Orange, Osceola, Polk, Seminole, Sumter, Volusia

Fees / Ticketing:

The fee for Mission STEAMpossible is $900. This gives a school up to 2 back-to-back performances, each performance is able to accommodate 350 students.

Supporting Materials


Performs criminal background checks on staff with youth contact: Yes
Maintains general liability insurance: Yes
Provides study guides for teachers and or students: Yes
Provide Lesson Plans: Yes
Connects to State and or Common Core Curriculum Standards: Yes
Provides tools to assess student learning (workshops and residencies): Yes
Instructors receive annual professional development training: Yes
Provides scholarship and reduced fees: Yes
Conducts ongoing assessments of program quality: Yes
Standards are customized for every classroom visit: Yes


  • Gallery 1 - MicheLee Puppets
  • Gallery 2 - MicheLee Puppets
  • Gallery 3 - MicheLee Puppets
  • Marcus and Mags talking dinos

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy – If the School needs to cancel a performance by MicheLee Puppets, Inc. (MicheLee), the school must notify MicheLee of the cancellation, in writing, at least two (2) business days prior to the scheduled performance date in order to receive a full refund of funds paid by the School to MicheLee. If the cancellation is within the two (2) business day period, the funds paid to MicheLee shall be forfeited by the School. Additionally, MicheLee reserves the right to cancel a performance. If MicheLee elects to cancel a performance, MicheLee will attempt to reschedule the cancelled performance with the school at a mutually convenient and appropriate time; if it is not possible to reschedule the performance, the funds paid by the School to MicheLee will be refunded to the school in full. In the event of a natural disaster (e.g., hurricane, flood, etc.) forcing the closure of the School, MicheLee will not require two (2) business day advance cancellation notice.

Further, in the event of a natural disaster resulting in the closure of the School and the cancellation of the performance, MicheLee will attempt to reschedule the performance at a mutually convenient and appropriate time. If it is not possible to reschedule the performance, a full refund of the funds paid by the School to MicheLee will be issued. In no event shall MicheLee Puppets be responsible for the payment to the School of more than the funds paid by the School to MicheLee.