These resources can be borrowed or downloaded for teacher use in the classroom.


Holocaust Center

Teaching Trunks:

**Please note: Traveling Teaching Trunks are delivered only to schools in Orange, Seminole, Lake, Volusia, and Osceola Counties. They may be available to other schools provided that they are picked up at and returned to the Holocaust Center by the school.**

Teaching Trunks give educators access to teaching resources needed to teach a comprehensive Holocaust unit and implement Holocaust education into their lessons. The Holocaust Center loans class size sets of Holocaust related materials to teachers in Central Florida.

Elementary School Trunk – Elementary Trunks contain class sets of books plus videos, maps, large photographs, and activity sets. They do not contain graphic images or other materials that younger students may find disturbing.

Middle School Trunk – Middle School Trunks contain sets of books and teacher guides. Included in the trunks are videos, pamphlets, large photographs, and maps. All materials are age-appropriate and easy to comprehend for this age range.

High School Trunk – High School Trunks contain larger class sets of books plus a number of single copybooks for individual use. The trunks include select videos, maps, photographs, and posters. Although the content is more complex than other trunks, and require a deeper level of understanding, the trunks contain very few graphic images or other disturbing materials.

Anne Frank Trunk – This trunk provides supplementary materials to support a deeper understanding of Anne Frank’s diary. These resources help explain the broader world and provide biographic materials about Anne and her experiences.


Mennello Museum of Art – Art Trunks on the Go: Cunningham Trunk, a Teacher Led Experience


Lead your class in discovery and evidence-based interpretation of visual art through any number of possible discussions on paintings and a small art project. Students will engage with art and Florida history while exploring our unique environmental landscapes through the paintings of treasured American Artist, Earl Cunningham (1893-1977). His brilliant and accessible folk-art paintings, on permanent display at the Mennello Museum, conjure in the viewer a strong sense of time, place, and social equality while inspiring continued personal creativity. The Cunningham Trunk is available for use in your classrooms over a one-week period where you and the students can explore materials on topics ranging from local and identifiable birds, the everglades, and Seminole Native Americans. Teachers are responsible for picking up and returning the trunk to the Mennello Museum of American Art during normal business hours. $100 rental fee.


Orlando Shakespeare Theater – Edited Shakespeare scripts and activities

Edited scripts, activities, and exercises can be downloaded from:

Edited Scripts

Activities and Resources (with video links)

Status Walk: This 10-20 minute activity may be used to explore status in the school environment or in a novel being studied. Click Here to view a video example.

Page to Stage: This 10-20 minute activity may be used to compare drama to fiction by turning narrative into dialogue.

Character Motivation: This 10-20 minute activity may be used to explore what motivates characters to act they way they do using active verbs.

Iamb Game: Introduce basic Shakespearean scansion with this active game.


Osceola County Historical Society – Historical Traveling Trunks

Florida Highwaymen & Civil Rights in Florida Traveling Trunk – The Florida Highwaymen were a group of 26 African-American painters who set their own path during a time of segregation and civil inequality. Although ignored by the art community for decades, these artists created their own style and system for selling their artwork door-to-door and out of the trunks of their cars along the Florida highways. In the 1990s, art historians rediscovered their body of work, and they were given the name of the Florida Highwaymen.

Seminole Indian Traveling Trunk – Who were the native peoples of Florida? How did the Seminole tribe come together? What was it like to live in the swamps of Florida? Get all these answers and more when you bring the Seminole Indian Traveling Trunk to your classroom! Students will explore the history of this proud tribe from its early beginnings to modern day. Included in this trunk are lesson plans, pictures, posters, artifacts, and more resources. History really comes to life when students have a chance to have a hands on learning experience right in their very own classroom.

Florida Cowman Traveling Trunk – Did you know Florida was the very first state to have cattle in the U.S.? The tradition of the Florida cowman is an important part of Florida’s history! Students will explore the life of a typical Florida Cowman when you bring this Traveling Trunk to your classroom! Included in this trunk are lesson plans, pictures, posters, artifacts, and more resources

Early Learning History Trunk – The Osceola County Historical Society is collaboration with the Early Learning Coalition of Osceola County presents an ALL-NEW Traveling Trunk! The Early Learning History Trunk brings history to the Pre-K classroom through dramatic play, exploration and story time. Students will be able to explore an ancient dig site in our archaeological discovery bin, learn about the different items that can be found in nature, and enjoy dramatic play stations to create an atmosphere of imagination as children pretend to be citrus growers, farmers and ranchers. The ELHT will also include suggested activities in the teacher’s manual that will help bring nature and history alive in exciting interactive ways.


**To Reserve a Trunk: Email –

Trunks are available for up to 30 days. Trunks can be picked up, after reservation confirmation, at the Osceola County Welcome Center & History Museum 4155 W. Vine Street, Kissimmee, FL 34741