Advocacy Information

Florida Alliance for Arts Education

Florida Alliance for Arts Education provides programs aimed at integrating the arts into all Florida curricula, to provide every child in schools with a well-rounded education including a high-caliber program of arts instruction.

Center for Fine Arts Education

2013-2014 Cohort Study of Florida 12th graders, produced by the Florida Music Educators Association, the Cohort Study presents data that demonstrates a direct correlation between enrollment in fine arts and higher test scores and GPA.

General Arts Education Links

Americans for the Arts

The Arts Education Network program provides professional development opportunities and resources for arts education professionals. Members of the Arts Education Network represent a cross-section of arts education professionals, including administrators and teaching artists who are professional members of Americans for the Arts.

Arts Education Partnership

Arts Education Partnership is a coalition of more than 100 arts, business, cultural, education, government, and philanthropic organizations. AEP is a source of emerging arts education research, issues, and policies of national significance.

Careers in the Arts

Careers in the arts span a broad spectrum of possibilities! Stand-up comedian, intellectual property attorney, performer, and lots more… there is something for everyone! This site provides insights into the “who, what, how, and why” of too many to count careers in the arts. FAAE workshop and webinar highlights let you meet people who make their livelihood by working in the arts.

The Kennedy Center Educator Resources

The Kennedy Center provides arts experiences through conferences, career development programs, performances, residencies, and workshops as well as through online and print resources.

Associations for Arts Educators

Florida Art Education Association

The Florida Art Education Association (FAEA) is a membership association dedicated to providing visual art educators in Florida with the knowledge, skills, and support that will ensure the highest quality instruction possible to all students in Florida.

Florida Dance Education Organization

The Florida Dance Education Organization (FDEO) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement and promotion of high-quality education in the art of dance. The Florida Dance Education Organization, an affiliate of NDEO, is a growing organization that provides several kinds of services and information for dance educators.

Florida Music Education Association

Florida Music Education Association (FMEA) is a professional association that serves and supports music educators across Florida. FMEA promotes and publishes the Florida Music Director and music education research.

Florida Association for Theatre Education

Florida Association for Theatre Education (FATE) advocates that every Florida student be educated in theatre and dramatic arts by qualified theatre arts educators.