Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra

Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra

The Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra is Central Florida’s resident professional orchestra, appearing in more than 125 performances and serving over 180,000 people in Central Florida each season. The Philharmonic’s education programs are designed to provide music for every stage of life.



2021 Young People's Concert - Bach to the Future!


Program Description

Imagine it: You take your seat. The audience quiets. The orchestra tunes. The Maestro lifts his baton. And suddenly- GREAT SCOTT!- a stranger takes the stage! Millie Second, a great inventor from another time has landed herself in the modern day and she’s not quite sure how she got here, where she came from, or how to get home. To top it all off, her time machine, The Chord Explorer, won’t


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Program Detail

Program type: Online & Streaming
Artistic Discipline: Dance, Music, Theatre
Cultural Origin: Multicultural
Subject: Fine Arts: Dance, Fine Arts: Music, Fine Arts: Theatre, History
Population Served Grade 3, Grade 4, Grade 5
Bilingual: No
Available dates:

The Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra will offer the Young People's Concert virtually throughout the school year for your students.

Available times:

Timing of virtual viewing will be left up to teachers and educators.

Length of :Program 45 minutes

The Young People's Concert will be available online to broadcast in your classrooms.

Fees / Ticketing:

The fee for the Young People's Concert link is $500/grade level at your school. This may be covered through a United Arts of Central Florida "Arts and Culture Access Funding – Teachers Grant." For more information on this grant, please feel free to contact Amy Conrod, Director of Education and Community, at aconrod@orlandophil.org.

Supporting Materials


Performs criminal background checks on staff with youth contact: Yes
Maintains general liability insurance: Yes
Provides study guides for teachers and or students: Yes
Provide Lesson Plans: Yes
Connects to State and or Common Core Curriculum Standards: Yes
Provides tools to assess student learning (workshops and residencies): Yes
Instructors receive annual professional development training: Yes
Provides scholarship and reduced fees: Yes
Conducts ongoing assessments of program quality: Yes
Standards are customized for every classroom visit: Yes



  • 2021 Young People's Concert Trailer